From the Deep Well

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From the Deep Well


The Diaries of Pratale Farm


Etain Addey


DeepWell-front cover


"When I leave this place, I feel as if a large part of me were invisible to other people, or as if part of me had stayed at home. Over the years, I have come to see that this is because I always feel the hills, the woods, and the animals of home like a cloak around my shoulders … the horses on heat galloping across the pastures, the wild boars rooting at night amongst the undergrowth, the sheep chewing the cud in the sunshine, snakes coiled on the warm rocks, flocks of goldfinches in the dark cypress, the buzzard mewling in the sky, wild bees murmuring through the meadows, wild black cherries ripening … so that it is always a surprise to find myself apparently alone, with just this one, solitary body."


ISBN 978-1-904258-056 

280 pages


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